Max Fishkin

Max Fishkin is MassFiction, the music that comes out of my head. Check out the Audio tab to listen! 


I share my love of music in many ways like performing, teaching, recording and listening because I believe it is the glue to the human spirit. Music can unite strangers, give expression to someones perspective and heal the soul, sometimes without the musician uttering a word. 


Music and sound surrounded me from a young age. Between imitating the wildest sounds, watching my mother play piano and dancing with my Dad to classic rock, expression through the medium of sound always caught my attention. While not initially a well-behaved music student, I stuck to the trombone and eventually picked up the trumpet, guitar, bass, piano and drums. My discipline for music became more serious after joining a successful marching band in high school. While mostly self-taught, I graduated from Rutgers University in 2012 with a BA in Music and a minor in Psychology. Currently, I hold a certification to teach in the state of NJ (#)